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Would you considere someone for employment without a resume?

We posted an ad on craiglist for a receptionist positoom and we received a request to apply for the position in person.

She also mentioned being very interested and would love to know more about the exact location and duties.

We made it clear in the ad for everyone to submit a resume.

Would you even consider interviewing someone like this?


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SFW_accounts 1 year ago

Yeah, Indeed will at least help force the applicants to do a profile.

DamnPurpleDress 1 year ago

Reply with "We're located in "vague area of your town" - please submit a resume, if you meet our qualifications we'd certainly set up a meeting" - this person could be the best person you ever hired because they seem to be dynamic and assertive but they could also be the worse if they couldn't follow the first direction of the job which was submitting a resume.

fdfjdsfbdsjibfhkjdsn 1 year ago

The title of this post is way too misleading. It's a receptionist position. Are we really at the point where you need to show 3-5 years of experience to be able to answer the phone?? Talk to them in person to make sure they're normal and capable of not scaring people away and then do a standard background check.

mighty_k_marketing 1 year ago

For a receptionist yes. The fact that she wants to meet in person is a good sign. Means shes probably used to winning people over in that context, which is something you want in a receptionist.

jpluscplusm 1 year ago

For a receptionist's job? What are you expecting to see on the CV - Advanced Asking People To Tale A Seat Until George Comes To Meet Them? Postdoc Telephone Answering? Of course I'd want to interview anyone who was interested! If it mattered to me, I'd say "we'd love to have a chat - please pop a brief resume over to this email before we meet on Wednesday".

[deleted] 1 year ago

"We posted an ad on craiglist" You're not exactly trolling for quality employees if you're looking on Craigslist.

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